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Meet Birma

We are Michael and Daniel Ronen- brothers to the same parents and also to the love of coffee.

All our lives we have loved coffee and we gained a rich experience in managing different companies and cafes. The more we delved and researched – the more we fell in love with this rich and wonderful world.

It's important to us to make you excellent coffee, which is why we import Birma coffee beans from the best farms around the world. Beans from different varieties, different farms and different countries. The coffee is from the highest standards and has received the quality seal of the- Specialty Coffee Association and won the "Best coffee 2022" competition of SHOTIM magazine. 

When you order coffee from us, whether it be at our café or online, prepared in a cup or ground and packaged – it will be roasted and ground for you on the spot. Ordered 100 grams? We will roast and grind 100 grams. You ordered 1000 grams? We will roast and grind 1000 grams.

Each of our coffee packages is decorated with a piece of true local art. Now, these are paintings, and in the future, also poems and songs. So, when you buy coffee from us, you also get original art for your home. Art you can display on the spice rack or on the countertop. Authentic art by Israeli artists. If you like, the same original art, can be purchased – printed in full size.


We founded BIRMA to give a home to people who love quality coffee – and to provide a stage for new Jerusalem artists.

We invite you to come to the German Colony to enjoy the aroma of quality coffee and freshly baked pastries, the Jerusalem atmosphere and hospitality in a Templar building from the 18th century. In the meantime, you are invited to visit our web site and order from the variety of coffee, equipment and accessories, and if you need assistance – please call us- we are always here.Yours, Michael and Daniel Ronen and the BIRMA COFFEE team

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